David Cameron and that desperate plea to stay in the EU

LONDON —  For Britons nationwide, it, is no secret  that David Cameron has long campaigned  against #Brexit, now perhaps, more than ever. In recent days, Cameron has stuck to his guns fighting for support from former London mayor Boris Johnson and the like to keep his “draconian” government in place.

But, the fight to keep Britain in the EU just got really interesting, at least on behalf of the Prime Minister. In a recent speech by the Queen,  Cameron’s attempts to pass a “sovereignty bill” and the like if Brexit doesn’t happen were “described as nothing more than a helter skelter pursuit” to keep the United Kingdom inside of the European Union.

The Prime Minister apparently hopes that such a bill and the like that would follow said bill, would, convince people like Boris Johnson that staying in the EU is “prominent to the future of the UK”.  Pension secretary, Stephen Crabb, however, found himself on the ladder end of defending such plans and the sovereignty bill today.

“I don’t believe it has been tossed aside. We continue to debate that.What we don’t want to be doing is rushing forward and bringing forward proposals that are unworkable.

“We have had our fingers burnt before when we have done that.”

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