The Biggest Health Risks Faced By Men

It’s no secret that men are secretly adventure seekers, and, that sometimes leads to concerns over their health and the danger they often put themselves in. But, leaving the age old saying “Boys will be boys” at the door,  another secret about men is not-so secret and must be talked about. Men are often outlived by their wives by more than 5 years, even though, more boys are born in the US every year than girls.

How so? Biological traits in men are an important factor in deciding how long a man lives, however, personal choices and a way a man lives his life also plays an important part.

Cardiovascular disease is the biggest health threat among men. No, really.   Heart disease and stroke are two of the leading causes of death among men and women in the United States.  Known as a man’s “worst enemy” it is often described as “hardening of the heart”. When this occurs, cholesterol plaques gradually block arteries in both the heart and the brain — eventually causing a heart attack or stroke that could potentially lead to death.

Lung cancer.  – Lung cancer is nothing to mess with, whether you think you’re invincible or not. An ugly; depressing, and often painful disease it can lead to almost instantaneous death if it spreads. One of the biggest causes of lung cancer, is,  smoking.   Studies show that most cases of lung cancer start and end with tobacco smoking.  As of 2016, no effective screening to accurately detect lung cancer exists.

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Prostate Cancer — The utmost of common cancers among men and a cancer that men can lay full claim to. The prostate, a walnut sized ordeal behind the penis (it helps ejaculation).  One in six-men are expected to be diagnosed from it in their lifetime, however, studies show with advanced studies and the often slow-growing cancerous cells in that region — only one in 35 men will actually die from it.

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