4 Signs You May be Experiencing Erectile Dysfunction

This week we’re targeting men.  This week we’re targeting one topic men  often don’t want to talk about, that, being penis health. In this week’s health column, we’re going to discuss 5 common signs something is wrong with your little friend.  This guide will talk about five common signs (and not so common signs) of possible erectile dysfunction in men — and when it is appropriate to seek doctors help.

  1. Anxiety & Stress

Experts say anxiety and stress are two big factors that could cause impotence and an inability to get and keep an erection. This, perhaps, could happen at any  age rather than just “old people”. It’s important to remember that as we, as men get older,  should get regularly checked out to make sure all machinery still works and works properly.

2.) Diabetes

If you’ve ever had sugar problems, you, want to pay close attention to this one. Experts from the University of California’s medicine program say that diabetes can cause great problems with sexual health.  High blood sugar levels (the cause of diabetes and its varying types) more often than not result in some sort of nerve damage that could potentially pose risks to important nerves to make sure genitals are still functioning.

3.) Alcohol Dependency

Alcoholism, probably one of the oldest in the book, is one of the most dangerous in the book.  Alcoholism according to experts poses grave risks for those that may experience erectile dysfunction in life.

4.) Prostatis

A slightly common but no so common infection of the glands that can pose some serious medical risks if not remedied quickly.

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