Hillary Clinton gets brutally fact checked regarding e-mail server

Hillary Clinton, persuasive slush-fund expert, e-mail magician — and — Presidential candidate? According to a new fact check out today by CNN’s Jake Tapper, Clinton, hasn’t been entirely honest when it comes to the infamous server she created at her home after she left office as the Secretary of State.

The Blaze picked up most of the fact-checks performed by Tapper, who,  was able to point out some of the misconceptions provided to the public by Clinton during the 2016 Presidential Elections.

1.)  “I was permitted to use and create the server”.

That is a lie.  Clinton was not permitted to create the server, essentially, no one was there to actually sign off on her using it. So in reality, there was just nobody to stop her — not that she was allowed to use it.   While she was permitted to send e-mails outside of government servers, at no time, was she given the absolute green light to create a massive e-mail server.

2.)  The preservation of e-mails and the providing of such to the feds.

This is probably where Clinton broke the law, and, if indicted at all the charges will more than likely stem from this sole point here.   Like noted in Tapper’s Fact Check, it is required by federal law that all e-mails and the variant be turned over to the Department of State after one leaves office. The problem? Clinton did not turn over her e-mails until 21 months after having left office, and, the news suddenly turned up in every major newspaper from America to Beijing.

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