Truths about Black People That Black People Won’t Confess

Consider this an op-ed of sorts sans the usual statement that one may hear on Fox News: Black people are a plague.  Because, er, they’re not in any shape or form.  But, what black people are, are confused people who won’t admit to their own cultural perspectives that make them their own living targets for things that people wouldn’t normally experience.

Let’s discuss.

To blacks, one isn’t attractive, unless they familiarize themselves with tattoos; rap music, and gun violence.

We’re not the only ones who have heard the often funny but saddening statement: I want someone who looks like they could rob somebody. 

Probably one of the oldest arguments in the book but let’s keep it real. When was the last time a collar-wearing ivy league scored the girl of his dreams and didn’t have to suddenly become something out of a rap video? Probably, at least a good 10 years or so ago.  The notion that “hood” or “tattooed and sexy” is the new normal among black people — is — to say the least — a problem in its own right.

Blacks want to argue inclusion and demand equal rights for all but won’t even give their own kind a chance at equal treatment.

Black people argue that “Black Lives Matter”. 

Okay, well, before we can argue that “Black Lives Matter” can we stop shooting and killing OUR OWN PEOPLE? The ridiculous notion that black people are suddenly and more than often targeted for no reason, is just that, ridiculous. While their have been plenty of cases of police brutality, we, have to be honest with ourselves and admit that crime and killing others is rampant among our own.

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“Black Lives Matter” is no terrorist organization, nor an organization that means bad, however  the message behind the organization sits solely in the hands of those with an agenda.   We should not be a society in which promotes violence; drug dealing, and often crime among our own. Not every single time that a black man dies is it police violence.  More often than never discussed, a crime was committed. But “BLM” does not pay attention to this.

We have to come to terms that being black in itself is a violent thing, and,  with that comes the violence we have in our own community, Often, perpetuated by rap videos and “rappers” who use violence and killing others as means to appeal to those that came up in less than stellar neighborhoods. This is not okay, in any way.

Black on black violence is real. So, until we learn to realize our OWN lives matter — how — can one argue that Black Lives Matter but only when one is shot by a white police officer? 


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