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James Monroe ‘s house is the subject of a new discovery

History never changes, ever, but the reality of history as we know it sometimes does. In a Washington Post investigation, the perceived home of James Monroe appears to actually have been something a little different.  Originally, people thought the Virginia home of America’s (one of them, anyway)  Founding Father James Monroe was his home — but — it appears to be something a little less than that.

Per the investigation, it appears that the home that was perceived to be Monroe’s from his presidency (dated 1817-1825) was actually a guest house cottage rather than Monroe’s quarters for himself.  Originally, it was thought that Monroe lived in a “modest two bedroom home” in his highland from 1799 to 1823.   Archaeologists and researchers have since apparently discovered a much larger foot print of a property that is now believed to have been Monroe’s official residence on the massive 535-acre property.

Via The Washington Post. 

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