We’ve just been served legal papers in dispute with singer Elton John

NEW YORK —   The Daily News and its Editor In Chief are apparently the recipients of legal documentation served on behalf of Elton John and the Web Sheriff to prevent  The Daily News from keeping the readily available articles on that now notorious threesome available for read in the United Kingdom.  Web Sheriff officials delivered a lengthy complaint to SHK’s desk this morning demanding that he order the removal of the articles naming and identifying Elton John in the articles about his extramarital affair with husband David Furnish and another male.

The documentation (see below in screenshots) came early this morning citing all three articles we’ve published about the music icon.  SHK has announced that he will not permit the removal of the articles because his servers are not readily based in England, and, therefore,  England has no valid grounds to demand the removal of a newspaper that does not belong to them.

Web Sheriff claims that because we are merely view able in England, then, we must suspend access to the information. Something that we vehemently refuse to do because although we are a UK newspaper,  England, ultimately has no authority to dictate how we do business because we are not based in England.  Servers; and nothing of the like exist in the region. Web Sheriff and Elton John are attempting to hold SHK in Contempt of Court for the publication of John’s name in his extramarital affair.

A statement from The Uptown Agency on the perceived legal row that has now emerged with music icon Elton John.

It has come to our attention that Elton John feels that Elton John is entitled to do disrespect the same marital beliefs he has for so long pledged that he believes in. Such, is not the case.  Our staff opted to lift the lid on Elton John’s secret without caution to threats from Elton John or his pessimistic legal team that appears to be annoying our editorial staff at this time.

The Daily News has no intention of removing the articles. The articles are here to stay and they are of public interest to the British.  Therefore, we  are sticking by our editorial decision to publish the articles and leave them online. We will not bow down to an elite musician who feels like he’s THAT entitled and when he gets caught, thinks, his money will hide his secrets.


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