BRASILIA == All the talk in South America is solely at the doorstep of Dilma Rouseff, perhaps, the Queen of the Leftist Workers Party and some of whom has been at the helm of Brazil since 2011.  Rouseff, as of today, stands awaiting the announcement from Brazil’s Senate majority as whether or not she will face impeachment on charges that she violated the country’s controversial budget laws.

Allegations first surfaced against Rouseff months ago after it emerged that she had allegedly used state finances from banks to close holes in the country’s dire budget crisis. Something, perhaps, that has since caused both domestic and international outcry.

But the interesting part of Rouseff’s impeachment, is, not the fact that she is accused of shifting government funds to close up budget holes — but she hasn’t actually been charged with a crime.   The impeachment debate makes no mention of the widely ignored bribery scandal at Petrobas, the country’s biggest oil refinery.

Just last month, the country’s Minister voted overwhelmingly to send an impeachment measure to the Senate, marking a dark turn for the struggling South American country. Rouseff, argues solely that an impeachment would be  equal to being “overthrown in a coup”. Others, are arguing that the downfall of Dilma Rouseff is a blow to “women everywhere”.



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