EXCLUSIVE: Impeachment proceedings begin against Brazil ‘s President Dilma

BRAZIL —  In a country riddled with corruption; economic pitfalls, and er, a less than stellar president — Brazil has had enough.   So much of enough, that, the country’s Senate has begin proceedings to hold a vote to impeach President Dilma Rousseff. Rouseff, has long been accused of being one of the country’s most corrupt Presidents ever — something she strongly denies.

Rouseff will now reportedly face a massive Senate vote in what many reports call a “shocking move” by a country desperately seeking a brighter future.  50 of the country’s 81 Senate leaders have already pledged  that they would vote to impeach the troubled President, some of which, may then face a trial over her alleged political corruption.

Officials say that the Senate and the like will have up to 180 days to decide Dilma’s fate.

Furthermore,  Rouseff has recently been accused of playing a game of “bad economics” using financial means and money from Brazil’s banks, something, that could spell doom for Rouseff if she goes to trial.   Now that Rouseff is reportedly undergoing a suspension and impeachment as President, Vice President Michael Temer, will temporarily step in her place until a determination is made.

If a permanent impeachment is ultimately decided by the Senate, officials say that Temer will become the sitting President of Brazil. Some say that such a move would be “undemocratic” to unseat Rouseff even in a time in which her presidency has come under intense and heavy scrutiny. Temer’s own approval ratings are at a shockingly low level of just 2%.


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