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PICTURED: The doctor under investigation in the death of music legend Prince

MINNESOTA —  After weeks of digging; information leaks, and a brief discussion about the identity of the doctor — images of  the doctor named in the death of Prince Roger Nelson have been released, Dr. Michael Schulenberg, as previously reported by The Daily News, is the doctor that knowingly prescribed Prince a plethora of different drugs. The same drugs, er, that are believed to have led to Prince’s widely circulated drug addiction.

The Daily News has now confirmed that Schulenberg has admitted to Minnesota authorities that he was on the premises of the Paisley Park estate in which was owned by Prince when Prince was found dead. Police are now reportedly attempting to open the seal on Prince’s medical records where Schulenberg works, to, at least, determine why so much medication was prescribed to the singer.

Schulenberg, was a physician at the North Memorial Medical Center, a location that has now been served with search warrants in a bid to obtain Prince’s medical records.   Sources confirmed that Prince had received a prescription from Schulenberg that was to be filled at a local Walgreens, but, Prince never made it alive to fill his medicine.

Schulenberg denies any wrongdoing,  however, sources confirmed Tuesday that he remains under investigation while police continue to search for more possible evidence of potential wrongdoing in his death.

UPDATE: A previous version of this report had spelled out his name as Todd Schulenberg, his name is actually Michael Schulenberg

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