New break in the case of Michael Jace ‘s murdered wife April

LOS ANGELES  — Actor Michael Jace, er, who was famously accused of killing his wife in 2014 — may soon find out his fate. According to court documents obtained  by the Daily News and widely circulated in previous outlets before this writing, Jace, has bigger problems this time around.

Documents confirmed that Jace’s girlfriend had an iPhone that  California authorities apparently found a hacker that was able to get into the iPhone. In it?  Authorities reportedly found that the phone contained a number of text messages that confirmed something that had not been known before, perhaps, that the couple had been arguing prior to her murder.

Texts were the first time authorities were able to see that the couple had allegedly been having marital issues leading up to her murder, which, lends severe credibility to the original belief that Jace was responsible for her grisly murder.

Here’s where it gets murky. Jace’s defense team argues that the text messages and the iPhone in question prove that April was having an affair (is that why they were arguing?).  Jace’s defense team didn’t quite say if that was a trigger for  the argument. A judge has delayed a new hearing to determine Jace’s fate pending a further investigation into the iPhone.

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