Spying Tactics: Do you know when your webcam is spying on you?

According to one study conducted in March, most apparently don’t.  In an interesting Ozy.com editorial, a number of editors underwent a particular set of tests on their own computers and the camera lights that come on when a webcam activates. Now, this is where it gets interesting.

Studies conducted alongside the process found that not many people actually realize (less than 5% that their computer may be recording them at any given time). Given that most computer webcam-hijacking actually occurs when people are in front of the computer, but,  not actually using it this is pretty bizarre for most.

Researchers found that in most cases people aren’t even aware when a webcam actually comes online. Could this be your case?  It’s possible.  Researchers say that its not impossible, but, it is “difficult” to crack open a webcam with or without detection. The scary part? Not many actually know what the red (and in our case white) lights mean when they appear next to the camera.

Those lights, folks, means your webcam has come on and it is being used.

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