Reports: Prince was due to discuss drug addiction the day he died

MINNEAPOLIS — According to the Star Tribune, perhaps, some interesting new news is out on the death of Prince Rogers Nelson. According to local news reports, Prince, was “due to discuss opiate addiction with an addiction specialist” the day that he had actually passed away.

The new reports lend stark credibility to the original claims published in various news outlets and of that in The Daily News indicating that Prince died of an overdose.  Police refused to comment on  whether or not the reports had already been known by police, some of which, are under intense scrutiny to determine how exactly the pop legend died.

The Star claimed in its report that Prince was “scheduled to meet with the specialist” in hopes of kicking the opiate addiction he had come to be fond of. The same addiction, that, previous reports claimed was started after Prince was given “copious numbers of opiate drugs at the hands of his personal doctor” most of which remains under investigation by federal authorities.

Prince’s sister Tyka Nelson has largely remained quiet as she continues her crusade to inherit the remains of the legend’s estate.

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