3 Things I Learned from Bernie Sanders during the Indiana Primary

Last night during the much talked about Indiana primaries, er,  Bernie Sanders actually took home the big win of the night.  Sanders,  stuck to his guns discussing everything from education; to wealth, and jobs in America.  But, what did one learn from Sander’s heated speech last night?

Let’s discuss.

  1.  Despite Clinton’s wide lead in delegates, Sander’s hasn’t given up yet.

Despite Clinton’s massive lead in delegates,  Sander’s, hasn’t exactly given up the race yet. During  Indiana’s primary,  Sanders, kept to his argument that he would reformat the student loan system and wealth gap in America.

2.  Sander’s believes he is a better political opponent to Donald Trump.

Donald Trump, whom, won the Indiana  Primary on the Republican side last night had nothing but nice to say about Ted Cruz (surprisingly) following his  knockout win.  Sander’s, however,  believes that  he is the “best suited candidate” for the fight against Donald Trump. In his relative words, er,  Sanders believes that “A Trump presidency will essentially be the destruction of America”.

Do you agree?

3. Sander’s political future is defiantly strong.

Despite the fact that it remains unknown whether or not Sander’s may possibly get the nomination, one thing, is certain.  Sander’s political future as a “fighter for the right thing” and the “Middle Class” in America is strong.  Sander’s defiant attitude towards the Washington establishment has earned him legions of loyal followers both young and old. Something, perhaps, that Clinton desperately lacks as her record continues to get questioned.

4. Bernie Sander’s firmly believes that Hillary is not the one.

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For more reason(s) than one.   Clinton in recent weeks, has to say the least, found herself in hot-water after those comments about men. Apart from her unusual comments, Clinton, has remained under much scrutiny because of that e-mail server and the Benghazi scandal (for those that know what that is).

5. Bernie Sander ‘s admits Bernie Sander ‘s isn’t wealthy nor among the 1%

In  a caveat that’s made him quite popular with the Middle Class and young Americans, Sanders, is among the lowest paid Senators in the U.S Senate (no, we’re not joking).  Sander’s has sort of used this in a monopolizing kind of way to catapult his campaign into the eyes of those that feel “the rich only get richer”.


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