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Apple ‘s stock plunges, investors, are worrisome

Apple, one of the New York Stock Exchange’s biggest companies, er, has a problem. In recent days — the company has seen its first decline in more than 13 years.   Stock prices for the company, perhaps, plunged. Plunged so much, that, Carl  ICahn (think the internet guy)  felt the need to dump all of his stock and essentially run the other way.

According to the latest stocks, Apple, is down more than 12% since its much publicized 21 April decline. Investors; and even consumers, perhaps, are quite eager for the release of the next i-Phone.  ICahn’s firm announced earlier this month that his firm had dumped the millions of shares he owned in the company.

Cook, hasn’t exactly proved to Wall Street that he has the chops to keep Steve Jobs’ revolutionary legacy going.  Most aren’t to keen on the idea of a smaller i-Phone, and, the irrelevant Apple Watch wasn’t quite the big product heavyweight that Apple had hoped for.

Tim Cook,  Apple’s spearheading CEO, appeared on CNBC Monday night to quell fears that Apple was largely losing its cool among the often young crowd it attracts. Despite his attempts, folks, largely feel that Cook just can’t measure up to the spectacular-like vision that Steve Jobs once had for Apple.

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