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Lets face it: Kate and Gerry McCann killed Madeline McCann

Kate and Gerry McCann are seen posing with a computer generated image of how their missing daughter Madeleine might look, during a news conference in London in this May 2, 2012 file photograph. On Monday the BBC’s Crimewatch programme will air a new appeal to help find Madeleine McCann who went missing from a holiday villa in southern Portugal in May 2007. REUTERS/Andrew Winning/Files

9 years ago,  Madeline McCann went missing from Praia Da Luz Portugal while on vacation with her family. A story, that has never quite made sense.  In the beginning,  Kate and hubby McCann claimed that their daughter had gone missing after a night out and when they went to find her in her bedroom, er, she wasn’t there.


But something has never quite added up, and, it’s a shame the British press doesn’t poke holes in a particular theory many believe. In the near decade I’ve heard this story, I, still believe that this is a bizarre case of child neglect that spanned a different regional area.   Like most British folks, it, doesn’t add up that in 9 years Kate and hubby McCann have made it appear that Maddie went the way of Natalie Holloway and was never found.


This is unlikely.  How so? It’s unlikely that Maddie went the way of Natalie Holloway because in cases like Natalie, someone, somewhere, saw something.  But in the articles; evidence, and documents that I’ve seen and combed over over the years — I’ve seen little to no valid witness accounts as to someone actually seeing Maddie having been kidnapped.


And if I recall, er, both Kate and Gerry refused lie detector tests in the beginning when questioned by police. If  they’re entirely innocent, why do such a thing?  All fingers point towards these two whom are currently pocketing off of the death/disappearance of a child.


No witch hunt, definitively not, however, I do believe that British authorities should force the McCann’s to undergo a lie detector test.  It’s blatant and clear that they’re hiding something evident to their daughter’s disappearance, and, should be held accountable until they’ve revealed such.

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