How Priceline lost its CEO: An Affair with an Employee

In perhaps one of the not-so-exclusive clubs currently floating around corporate America, Priceline’s  Darren Huston is out of a job this week after it emerged he had been having  a secret affair with an employee. It’s the nightmare we’ve heard all too many times — a high ranking employee banging it out with the help.  Darren Huston, is no different.

According to Priceline,  Huston has been booted from his job as CEO after it was discovered that he had been having an affair with an employee that was not under his supervision.  Priceline execs tell Daily News that he will not get severance. Priceline will reportedly pay to send Huston back from Europe to his home in America, and, that will be that.


Huston declined  to comment when contacted by Daily News U.K

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