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Reports: Its over for Bernie Sanders, candidate reaches endgame

PENNSYLVANIA — After last night’s massive delegate haul for Hillary Clinton, who won four out of five states,  the announcement nobody wanted to hear  has reportedly come. According to Bernie Sander’s campaign, and Vox,  Sander’s campaign has indirectly announced that they’re “in a classy manner winding down their campaign” to focus on issue-related campaigns at the upcoming conventions.

Many are now focusing on what Sander’s campaign reportedly plans to shift their focus  on — issues related to the campaigns.  Sander’s reportedly plans to attend most of the conventions in coming weeks to discuss, well, everything.

Sander’s campaign manager Tad announced that some “adjustments” will be made after Wednesday considering Clinton had won four out of 5 states in the most recent Tuesday delegate roundup.   As of this writing, Clinton’s delegate  haul puts her at more than 90% of the way to the  Presidential nomination.


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