Sources reveal where Julie Schmidt is now

Julie Schmidt, 39, whom we are turning over the files in which we are in possession of to federal authorities.

SOURCES have come forth revealing where  exactly Julie Schmidt, who famously stalked Daily News Online and its editors, is now. Sources tell The Daily News that Schmidt, 39, is “living on assistance” and “essentially homeless” after spending much of her personal finances on a smear campaign both online and legally against SHK and his family.

Sources confirmed previous rumors that Julie Schmidt indeed suffers from severe issues.  Various websites on the internet have speculated since January over alleged illnesses, some previously discussed by Daily News Online, and the many discrepancies Julie Schmidt has lied about.

The same sources indicate that  Schmidt has “fallen even further ill” after having allegedly been diagnosed with Munchhausen by proxy syndrome — a psychological condition that forces someone to make up medical conditions for personal gain and attention.

The Black A List previously reported that they had uncovered documents that alleged mental illness on behalf of Schmidt [Link].

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