Saudi Arabia discusses future plans to deter from dependence on oil

RIYADH — Speaking at a Palace on Wednesday,  Crown Prince  Mohammd bin Salman wants to take Saudi Arabia away from its dependence on the global oil commerce. According to  Prince Salman,  Salman, wants to  implement his “2030 plan” a plan in which would see women treated better and implemented into the workforce; less of a dependence on oil, and, a better economy that isn’t physically dependent on oil itself — a feat — that Salman says would make Saudi Arabia more plausible to stand on its own feet without crude oil.

In broader terms,  Crown Prince Salman would like to boost the Public Investment Fund to $2trillion up from $160million.  Also a part of the Prince’s plan? According to the Prince he would like to implement a specifically chartered green card system for Muslim and Arab expatriates who want to long-term reside in the country (a plan he hopes to implement within five years time).

Experts lauded the announcement, however, some say Crown Prince Salman would first have to “liberalize” Saudi Arabia before women were ever largely accepted into society as whole.

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