If you haven’t been living under a subliminal rock, er, you’ve probably saw that shade-ridden  Lemonade film Beyonce released Saturday night. In the hour long premiere event, Beyonce, pretty much set herself up for one of the trickiest marketing ploys we’ve seen in a while.

In the film, Beyonce is seen lighting shit on fire, driving monster trucks over vehicles, and a whole lot more stuff.  All, but confirming that Jay-Z’s much publicized brawl with Solange Knowles over alleged cheating in that elevator … were true.

For those that don’t remember, perhaps, this might jog your memory. Back in 2014,   Beyonce was plagued with marriage trouble after it surfaced that Jay-Z was apparently involved in an extramarital affair. The news surfaced after an elevator fight starring Solange Knowles (who decidedly assaulted the rap icon)  over allegations of his infidelity.

Subsequently, Beyonce’s Lemonade: The Visual ALbum was released exclusively on Tidal.

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