Reports: Pop legend Prince, 57, died of AIDS

MINNESOTA —  Newly published reports out this morning all but confirming previously published beliefs: Prince had aids. According to sources who spoke to the Santa Monica Observer, Prince had actually been diagnosed with aids in the 1990’s — but  only recently stopped taking his medicine after converting to Johavah’s witness.

Prince was reportedly among those that believed God could cure his illnesses, and, essentially stopped all treatments.

Sources told the paper that Prince was spotted in a parking lot last night pacing back and forth, just hours before he was found dead in an elevator.   A formal investigation into the singer’s death is underway.

Medical officials who spoke to The Daily News refused to comment on whether or not Prince may have had AIDS, something, the staunchly private pop legend never meant for the public to know.


UPDATE: This article has been updated to reflect a past report on 2 April indicating that Prince had been diagnosed with AIDS in the 1990’s.  [Link]


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