A new book reportedly out next week after the dismissal of a libel lawsuit, er, may spell doom for the parents of Maddie McCann. According to the book.  , McCann’s parents knowingly and willfully faked their daughters mind boggling abduction after she allegedly died in their Algrave holiday apartment.

The book was reportedly penned by Portugal’s police chief Goncalo Amaral who had knowingly won his case as of 20 April.

Surprisingly, many actually believe the author in his shocking novel.  The book goes on to claim that Maddie’s parents offed her in their Algrave apartment by means of child neglect and then coveres it up.  In response to the original book, the McCann’s had filed a counter libel suit claiming the book is a fraud.

Per the lawyers for the McCann’s,  a new appeal for the libel lawsuit will be heard in Portugal’s Supreme court — the same court that essentially halted the McCann’s hopes of raking in millions from the lawsuit. itself.

Share with us your comments below.  What do you think really happened to Maddie McCann?

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