The Uptown Agency is getting political

WASHINGTON — Years after the abduction of SHK from his previous Washington home,  it, can now be announced that The Uptown Agency is putting both its social influence and financial power behind a few new things.

We are pushing legislators in the area to make it harder for parents who lost their children due to valid reasons to gain access to their child’s information. For those that don’t know,  SHK, was abducted when he was 17 by a woman who falsely claimed that she was his mother.

We don’t know who the children of this lady are, however, we can confirm SHK is not one of them — as SHK’s real name is not SHK and she doesn’t even know what it is.

The woman, who we will name,  stalked SHK online dating back to the Myspace era.   Her cultural obsession with the likes of SHK extended far beyond Myspace and social media, and, later led to his abduction.  This, is the initial reason The Uptown Agency is jumping into the political arena — to protect the rights and safety of children  online and from mentally ill people.

In the coming weeks,  White House petitions will surface online heavily promoted by The Uptown Agency asking that state legislators in Washington state and federal legislators in The Capital seek to strengthen the protection of information of would be foster children & adopted kids.

  If you’re interested in partaking in the social justice campaign, please email us .

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