Reports: High ranking North Korean general defects to South Korea

A North Korean patrol boat is seen from the Chinese border side of the Yalu River, northeast of Dandong, in north-eastern Liaoning province

SEOUL —   South Korea and North Korea have long been at war, something, the world is all  but not aware of. But now, it, appears the North has some issues with the South that have nothing to do with missiles. According to South Korean officials, a high ranking military general from the North has “defected to South Korea”  providing  top spy information to the country.

He is the highest-level military official to have ever defected to the South,’ said a Seoul government official quoted by Yonhap.

‘He is believed to have stated details about the bureau’s operations against South Korea to the authorities here,’ said the unnamed official.

Officials refused to divulge what was leaked to the South, however,  they did confirm that a single male manager and more than a dozen women from a state run restaurant in a Chinese port city were among those who defected.

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