Report: Not all of the Panama Papers will be released

PANAMA — According to several papers, er, including the very same German paper in which unleashed the madness that has become the Panama Papers — not all of the Panama Papers will be released to the public. Sueddeutsche Zeitung says that it doesn’t feel “obligated” to release all of the information, other, than what it already has.

Zeitung, notoriously revealed trillions in tax-evasion on behalf of Monsack Fonseca, the world’s biggest offshore shell corporation. A source reportedly contacted the German tabloid with a “moral compass” that required them to expose the wrongdoings of the company (although, what they’ve done is perfectly legal).

Most interestingly, highlights are strong on China — whereas government heads and siblings of Xi Jinping are among those named in the documents.  China, unsurprisingly, has since begun scrubbing news of the scandal from social media.

Via The Guardian

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