Kim Kardashian vs Azerbaijan

When Kim Kardashian opens her mouth, it, generally launches problems  within reality television. But, this time, Kardashian has found herself in hot water with Armenian watch dogs over her “support” of particular  Armenian problems that are currently plaguing the country.

Azerbaijan authorities aren’t to fond of Kardashian’s recent support of Armenia, in, an era where  a rustic region of Azerbaijan that is currently causing quite the war-like rift in the country.

“She’s very famous and beloved by her fans, but matters of war and peace are a little too serious for a reality-TV star,” Elin Suleymanov said. “I personally would be a very bad reality-TV star, so I try not to cross into areas I’m not familiar. I’m not sure Ms. Kardashian is a military or political analyst, so maybe we should all do what we do best.” Armenia Now

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