The British are waging a war on the U.K’s “Bedroom Penalty”

LONDON —  When one first hears the term “Bedroom Tax” various things may come to mind, however, in  England and parts of the U.K — “Bedroom Taxes” actually applies to when one has one  far to many spare bedrooms that aren’t being used. Yes, that’s right, you can be penalized for having so many rooms but not enough people to fill them.

Here’s why this is today’s most important read.   Hundreds have argued that the erroneous “Bedroom Tax”  discriminates against women who have experienced domestic violence; disabled children, and parents seeking to care for their disabled children.    Numerous cases this week are set to be heard during court hearings, some of which, the government has reportedly spent upwards of £250,000 to ensure that the cases are brought to court.

The cases were brought by Lain Duncan Smith, who,  is  facing his biggest challenge yet as supporters of those arguing for the dismantling of the tax — claim that they’re being “indefinitely discriminated” against when it comes to taxes and penalties. Perhaps one of the most unusual cases among those being heard this week: A domestic violence survivor and a police installed safe room.

According to documents obtained by Daily News U.K,   the woman (who we will not name) reportedly had a police installed safe room put into her flat because of the severity of the violence she had experienced and the potential future threat. Ironically, the woman now faces the “Bedroom Penalty” because of the fact that there is a so to speak “spare room” inside of her residence.

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Numerous domestic violence survivors across the U.K face the “Bedroom Penalty”, which, seems quite unfair given the fact that they never quite asked for a “spare room” of sorts until they needed it for protection from police.

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