Hot This Week: Spy agencies say Clinton e-mails should have been classified as Top Secret

While Hillary Clinton continues to ride high on that momentum out of South Carolina, this week, another hot story on Clinton is on the books.  Earlier this week, reports indicated that for the first time several U.S intelligence agencies reportedly claimed that most of the e-mails on Clinton’s then unsecured e-mail server should have “indeed been classified as top secret”.

Business Insider notes that in at least 22 of the e-mails, Clinton, either “noted or discussed” at least partial classified information.     Sources told the American website that it was unclear if classified documents in full had ever made their way off of Clinton’s server, which, has been a hot-button claim for Senate Republicans for weeks.

Agency’s reportedly discovered that at least a “handful” of the e-mails contained specific passages that were nearly identical or at “least similar” to specifically marked government information that was not suppose to be transferred outside of secure government cables and channels.

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