Ex girlfriend of Kansas shooter charged in deadly shootout spree

KANSAS —  According to officials, the ex-girlfriend of Kansas shooter  Cedric Ford has reportedly been charged with providing the now deceased shooter the weapons he reportedly used in the attacks that left numerous dead and at least 14 others injured. The Daily Mail reports that  Sarah J. Hopkins “knew he was a convicted felon and not allowed to have guns” but provided them to him anyway.

Reports indicate that Sarah Jo Hopkins legally purchased a Glock Model 22-40 Caliber and an Ak-47 and provided them to Ford.  She has since been charged with the transferring of firearms to a convicted felon.   In case it couldn’t get anymore interesting,  the couple reportedly had two children.

Prosecutors allege that the reasoning behind the attack on Ford’s place of employment, was, because he had been served a restraining order by a previous ex-girlfriend who had claimed he has a “severely violent past”.

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