Texas town busted in “Black Water” scandal: Developing Story

CRYSTAL CITY, TEXAS —  In the same town that saw nearly every top official arrested earlier this week, er, it appears that the city has another problem. Daily News Online has confirmed per additional reports that alike Flint Michigan, Crystal City, has its own water problem. Local news reports were the first to confirm what has now been dubbed the “Black Water Scandal”.

Let’s dig deeper.

Per reports,  water tanks in the area are actually the problem.  Emerging details indicate the arrested officials reportedly knew that local water tanks near the Mexican border hadn’t been cleaned in nearly 25 years, which, is what is believed to have caused the “Black Sludge” water residents are currently experiencing in the area.

The city claims that an emptied tank reportedly caused the problem, however, a recently hired water official Carlos Ramirez — says otherwise. According to Ramirez, the problem was actually caused because tanks haven’t been cleaned since nearly the late 1980’s. Meanwhile, Ramirez has since declared the water “safe” to consume by residents.  Although, other officials nearby have warned residents to be weary of the water until further notice.

(In case you were wondering, the FBI rounded up Crystal City’s officials due to kickbacks and bribes..)

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