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Mother murders son, stashes body in car for more than a decade

And it’s extra creepy. According to news reports, a Virginia mother is behind bars this weekend after authorities reportedly charged her with the murder of her son. Police say Tonya Slaton, murdered her son sometime between  Jule 24 2004 and July 24 2005.  Slaton’s son,  Quincy Davis went missing during that time.

However, the mystery has since been solved. According to police, the body of Quincy Davis was discovered Saturday in Slaton’s car in Virgina,  whereas, the story deepens. Public records show that Slaton was first charged with assaulting her son in 1997, when he was just 6,  she was charged again with domestic violence and battery in 2002 for similar reasons.

Davis was “Last Seen” in 2004 around the time he would have been in the 8th grade, except, his mother never reported him missing.

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