Here’s how the FBI is trying to force Apple to unlock its iPhone encryption software

For more than a year,  Apple Inc has been engulfed in a pretty ugly legal battle with the Federal Government in the United States over its refusal to unlock its iPhone encryption software — some of which — locks millions of phones and ensures security to Apple users.    According to the New York Times, the feds want access to Apple’s top secret encryption software and “how to unlock the phone” itself, after a string of high profile drug arrests — and that of the San Bernandino shooters.

The Times reports that the government is using a central 1789 law in their case. However, Apple still refuses.  Things got a little interesting Friday afternoon, er, after it was reported that lawmakers from the Senate Intelligence Committee were reportedly seeking criminal injunctions against companies who disobey encryption orders.

Some experts say that the feds may never be able to get into the San Bernandino couple’s iPhone, even, if Apple actually unlocks its encryption. However,  the now infamous California shooters pose a long fight for Apple to protect the encryption of its users.

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