People were not feeling last night’s Countryfile

Here’s why.

Last night’s Country File segment, perhaps, went a little too far with its almost gory glorification of the slaughtering of innocent animals.  During the segment, gamekeepr Matt, 38,  spoke openly and candidly to a team of “Deer Readers” (don’t ask what those are, because, we’re not quite sure).  The readers, claimed that they contribute more to animal conservation than viewers at home would realize.

I think  one of the misconceptions of a gamekeeper is that we wonder around the woods with a gun under over arm and that’s simply not true,” gamekeeper teacher John told the strapping presenter.

“There’s so much we do for conservation and the benefits of wildlife. The work of a gamekeeper isn’t praised often enough, I don’t think. But it’s not just a job, it’s a way of life.

As seen i n the photo,  John’s pupils were shown on national television how to butcher an animal.


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