Unarmed black man murdered by police in Texas

SAN ANTONIO — Brace yourselves, and  don’t innocently reach for your cell phone in front of a cop, otherwise, you get the gist. Last night,  while the world excitedly watched Beyonce’s halftime performance which paid much homage to black pride — a man was shot and killed after police claimed his cell phone was a gun.

Reports indicate that  the shooting took place last week when 36-year-old Antoine Scott was minding his own business, and, decided he wanted to use his cell phone.   In case it couldn’t get any worse, it does, and we mean that literally. Per the typical cop mantra,  San Antonio police are claiming that the officer was ‘scared for his life’.

One Texas newspaper made a threat to publish the names and phone numbers of all cops in the city, as means, to show them what its like to feel victimized.  Unfortunately, white privilege reigned supreme and they backed down. But hey, we will [link].

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