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Florida has declared a state of emergency, 9 ZIKA outbreaks reported

officials fumigate a public school in Honduras. (AP PHOTO/ FERNANDO ANTONIO)

MIAMI — Governor Rick Scott confirmed to Daily News Online today that the near-deadly Zika virus has hit Florida. According to the governor, 9 cases have been reported spanning from Miami-Dade to Santa Rosa county. All of the cases are believed to be from people who are returning from countries  like Honduras; Colombia, and Venezuela.

Fast Facts About Zika:

*It cannot be cured

*It may be mistaken for a common cold

*Symptoms include rash; joint pain, and fever, and red eyes.

  • A common transmission of the virus is through mosquito  bites.

US residents are advised to view the PDF file provided to Daily News Online by the Governor’s office. Helpful prevention tips; and safety measures are available in the file below.



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