How December ‘s near deadly floods left UK’s flood defense system damaged

LONDON —  In parts of the United Kingdom, December of last year, was one of the wettest months ever on record in British history.   Near deadly floods rocked  parts of the country, leaving hundreds of homes flooded, and families unsure about the future of their residences.

In roughly the past 40 days,  parts of the northern UK have experienced so much flooding — 14 of the region’s most prominent rivers saw severe flooding. Essentially, making life difficult for Britons in the area.  The Environment Agency announced that after 16,000 reported inspections, it, was found that at least 600 schemes in the northern area of the U.K need desperate repair following  the floods.

Acting chair Emma Howard Boyd, spoke to several media outlets after news broke of the desperate repairs needed at flood defense mechanisms.

: “Our teams have worked tirelessly to repair flood defences and help communities in particular across Cumbria, Lancashire and Yorkshire get back on their feet after the terrible flooding we saw over December and January.

“Last week I visited Croston in Lancashire and saw the fantastic work that had been done to repair the flood bank and restore protection to residents in the village.

“This is the crucial work we are now focusing on to restore protection to those homes and businesses at risk.”

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