Advertising and marketing services are back

Advertising and marketing services are back in the Daily News. We’re excited to bring them back to Europe; England, and abroad.  All services begin at $50 USD  and cap out at  $350 USD.  Sponsored articles are now a thing, and begin at $35 an article.

Contact@bazaardaily.co.uk to get started today. Click the button below to begin the process to order a sponsored article. Payments must be received up front and once we’ve received an order, we will begin working on them.

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Sultan Khan & Amaral Jade

Sultan And Amaral Khan are respectively the Senior Editors and the Editor In Chief of The Daily News. The Khan’s cover dozens of topics in their duties, and, serve over an editorial staff of 5.

To contact Sultan Khan The Editor In Chief – Sultank91@icloud.com
To contact our newsroom: contact@bazaardaily.co.uk