America’s failing Customs And Immigration Program

NEW YORK — A new report out on New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport has people talking and not in a good way. According to The Daily News,  travelers from Cancun Mexico this month were able to ‘consistently arrive in New York City from their travels without being stopped at Customs for mandatory checks’.

One unidentified business traveler was told he was ‘OK’ and was not screened at all after arriving from Mexico, something, that he  says ‘is absolutely ridiculous’ per the Daily News.  Some, perhaps, are concerned that this may be just another tell-tale way that terrorists are making their way into American airports.

The incident reportedly happened from American Airlines Flight 1223 from Cancun Mexico. The Daily News notes that the same man went as far as to ‘approach customs and ask to be screened’ but was turned away and told to leave. However, he later reportedly received an e-mail from American Airlines requesting that he return to Border and Customs officials to be properly screened.

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