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Friend of San Bernandino shooters indicted, expected to face 50 years in prison

CALIFORNIA — As we’ve previously covered numerous times, it has finally emerged that the friend of San Bernandino shooters  Tashfeen Malik and her husband has been indicted. Enrique Marquez, 24, was indicted today after being charged with lying to prosecutors about purchasing the guns used in the vicious attacks.

Marquez, at one point, thought he would be able to escape federal authorities by checking himself into a mental facility in California. However, that only reportedly worked for so long, until authorities managed to force him out.  Documents obtained by Daily News LA reveal that Marquez has been charged with a total of five counts — and — it has now been uncovered that the attacks on San Bernandino were not the first Marquez was allegedly involved in planning.

Marquez’s family reportedly offered to put $100,000 in equity on their California home for his bail, however, the judge presiding over  Marquez’s trial denied the request. It was ultimately ruled that he will be held until the date of his trial.

If convicted, he will serve a 50 year prison sentence.

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