Chelsea Manning is not a fan of Caitlyn Jenner

Neither gentleman is quite fond of each other, at least, after Jenner came out announcing that he was trans gender and would be transforming into a woman by means of medical procedures.  Manning, who is serving 35 years in U.S federal prison for leaking classified documents to Wikileaks — took to Twitter over the holiday weekend in America.

In 2015 @CaitlynJenner was the Grinch who stole (& sold out) the trans movement. All I want 4 Xmas is Universal Trans Lib’.” wrote Manning

The tweet referencing Jenner’s much publicized “Coming Out” affair whereas he admitted to Diane Sawyer that he is  transgender.  The interview in which prompted the “Coming Out” went viral sending Jenner into the stratosphere, some of which, has resulted in others claiming that Jenner is “falsely representing the trans community”.

If in case you were wondering why two men are now arguing over who is the face of the trans community, a Time magazine interview, caused the problem. Earlier this month, Jenner appeared in a Time Magazine interview after being chosen for the prestigious Person of the Year award (a nominee).  The nomination sparked backlash after many suggested that Caitlyn is “undeserving of the many awards in which he has been nominated for” since transitioning.

In the interview Jenner (who previously told Ellen Degeneres in September that he doesn’t support gay marriage)  told the mag that he “is not a spokesperson” for the trans community at all. Odd to most, considering, Jenner has a reality show “I Am Cait” which is oddly all about his life as a transgender woman.

“If you look like a man in a dress, it makes people uncomfortable” – Caitlyn Jenner.

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Those comments, at large, were perhaps Caitlyn’s own downfall.  Following publication of the interview (see here, again, if you missed it)  Jenner found his self in the hot-seat.  Many members of the trans community felt “largely offended and collectively affected” by the comments because “not everybody has access to the millions that Jenner has” to make his transition to a woman easier (and to look much more like a woman than most).  Not all trans people transition from one gender to the other, perhaps, which is what Caitlyn forgot to mention.


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