Americans are literally drinking themselves to DEATH

A new report out by the Center for Disease Control has the number of alcohol poisoning related deaths skyrocketing.  Per the report, cited by the CDC, some 30.7k people reportedly died of alcohol related or induced issues alone in the United States in 2014.

The same report places a high 9.6 (number of deaths) per 100,000 people in America at the time during 2014 — a  severely high increase since 2002.  The report includes:  direct alcohol deaths;  murders committed  under the influence, drunk driving, and most usual alcohol induced issues.

From the same report, in 2013, alcohol related deaths were just at 29,001.   The CDC is issuing educational guidelines on “safe drinking”. Per the CDC,   they define “excessive” drinking for women as four drinks  in one sitting — or eight drinks a week or more.

As defined in the guidelines released by the Center for Disease Control, women are largely advised not to drink when pregnant — and generally — to drink in moderation as a whole.

The CDC noted that overdose deaths in the same year of the new report, spiked 6.5 percent to 47,005 people in total.


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