After U.S’s refusal to let Muslim family travel, David Cameron in hot seat

It’s probably one of the most frightening things to encounter, essentially, being told that because you are Muslim you cannot travel to the United States.  That is the case, and what it appears,  in the situation involving an 11-member Muslim family who had hoped to spend the holiday season in Disneyland.

The Guardian has an interesting take on a situation at London’s airport this week after it was revealed that a family’s 15 December adventure to Los Angeles to take on Disneyland was abruptly cancelled, with no further explanation by U.S Homeland Security Officials.  The news isn’t sitting so well with some Labour members, who, essentially believe that the family was restricted from traveling to America due to their religion.

Stella Creasey, a Labour MP argued in an open letter to Prime Minister David Cameron that the family should be “allowed” to travel as they were granted authorisation to do such weeks ago after having applied online. The Guardian notes that Creasey has since published an article in their newspaper, which, has demanded calls to the U.S in order to receive a legitimate answer as to why an innocent family was turned away at Gatwick.

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