Nicki Minaj SLAMMED for performing for Angolan dictator Eduardo Dos Santos

ANGOLA — Nicki Minaj apparently doesn’t think before she sings, at least, if you were to ask those who  spotted the singer arriving via private jet in the impoverished nation of Angola over the weekend. According to human rights groups,  Minaj, reportedly performed in packed and nearly sold out crowds for a Christmas party held by the country’s communications firm.

Minaj was apparently paid close to $2m.

According to the United Nations, Angola, is one of the most poverty stricken countries in modern Africa.  More than 70% of the country’s 24m people reportedly live under the poverty line, while the rest, live on just about $2 a day.

Dos Santos is similar to other dictators in the same region and aboard. He has been accused of ruling Angola (some of which he’s done since 1979) through fear and repression. By doing so, he has amassed an enormous amount of money by forcing control of rising companies and popular start-ups.

However, since it reportedly became illegal for the President to have stakes in  companies (a move by the Angolan Parliament), Dos Santos groomed his daughter Isabel for power. Isabel Dos Santos, is now the region’s only female billionaire — and is the richest woman in all of the continent.

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