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China accuses United States of “military provocation”

HONG KONG — If there’s one thing the Chinese are good at, perhaps, that would be stirring up propaganda. According to newly released reports from China’s state run news agency, Chinese officials are hurling military-charged accusations at the United States following a massive arms sale that didn’t go to China.

The heat came harder when the Americans reportedly “flew a B-52 Bomber” over a disputed Island in the South China Sea, an Island, that China claims (and all of its reefs and such) belongs to them.

“The actions by the US side constitute a serious military provocation and are rendering more complex and even militarizing conditions in the South China Sea,” the statement said.

This news comes at a particularly interesting time, some of which, is dutifully marked by turmoil between the US; China and Taiwan. Earlier this week, the Obama administration announced that a $1.8billion arms package would be sold to Taiwan to “ensure that the country could properly defend itself”.

The package reportedly included guided-missile frigates, anti-tank missiles, Amphibious Assault Vehicles, and $416 million worth of guns, ammo, and other supplies.  Beijing, perhaps, isn’t to happy about the sale and claims that it “dangerously invokes and damages China’s sovereignty”.

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