My family is responsible for the disappearance of Misty Copsey

Several years ago, a young lady named Misty Copsey disappeared while on her way home from the Puyallup Fair. At the time, she was believed to be involved with my uncle — some of which — already had problems of his own.

Copsey, was underage, my uncle was older. The relationship was both equal part controversial as it was forbidden.  Copsey, was last seen alive the night of the Puyallup Fair  on 17 September 1992.  At the time of her disappearance was both romantically involved and often seen with my uncle Rueban.

My uncle has always denied any involvement with the then under Copsey, however, as of this time, he was actually the last person to see her alive.  I recall some accounts of witnesses; family members, and even others whom have told me over the years that Rueban along with a friend was seen in a yellow Cordoba the night she disappeared after offering to give her a ride home.

Her mother, refused the notion, after a brief  phone call that same night.  Misty, was never seen again.  Over the next several years, my Uncle underwent lie-detector tests (that he miraculously was able to pass) but was never quite able to explain his whereabouts throughout her disappearance.   His whereabouts, and where he was actually seen, didn’t add up — and to this day — make him the prime suspect in Misty Copsey’s disappearance and perceived murder.

About a year or so ago, I first wrote about this young lady. I was threatened; harassed, and eventually forced to remove what I had written about Copsey and her disappearance. But now, so many months later, and away from my own heinous family, I’m not all that frightened to reveal what I’ve heard/been told/ and have discovered throughout this time.

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I firmly assert that my own family is responsible for the disappearance of this young and later covering it up.


UPDATE: 07/19/16

As of this writing, I still stand  by the claims I made in the earlier version of this article. I diligently and respectfully note that as of this time the  police departments that have looked into this case should hold Julie Marie Schmidt for questioning in connection to the disappearance of Misty Copsey.  As I’ve explained to numerous Copsey Twitter accounts before, Julie, knows far too much about the night she disappeared as if she got the information directly from her perceived killer Rhueban Schmidt himself.

Julie has a long history of criminal activities, including, lying to authorities.

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