Daily News speaks on opposition to hiring those with “criminal records”

Despite overwhelming e-mails over the past week demanding that we “stop discriminating” against people who have made mistakes as far as criminal records are concerned, Daily News Online has spoken.

A criminal record of any kind automatically disqualifies anyone from coming near Daily News Online.  This is a direct order from Daily News Online ‘s  Chief Executive Officer, Mohammed SHK, who reviews all applicants and internship requests himself.  Editors and associates have no power to change this, SHK, has ruled that no criminal of any kind will come near his digital empire.

Furthermore, regarding a long standing policy at Daily News Online regarding serious disabilities and illnesses. While we do indeed have employees who are “disabled” or may be in wheelchairs, we, do not however, hire anyone with disabilities beyond that.

This policy has remained in place since the debacle starring Julie Schmidt occurred in 2014 after she used our news outlet to funnel her conspiracy theories to the world. This policy will remain effect and will not be changed.

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