The lady about that crying cashier at Wal-Mart is actually lying

Sadly, that famed Wal-Mart story about a crying cashier being berated by a customer is actually a hoax. According to reports,  Paige Yore, isn’t actually telling the truth about the now viral story.

Wal-Mart claims they’ve reportedly reviewed security footage of the day in question, and, the cashier in the alleged story never actually came around the bend to personally hug and “speak to” Yore.

Yore, claims the incident happened in a Pueblo Colorado store where the cashier in question (a young guy) was “practically in tears” after being berated by an angry customer who apparently wasn’t too fond of slow customer service.  The problem is that Yore claimed that after the customer made the kid cry, he , came around to discuss things with Yore personally giving her a hug and even claiming that “his mother committed suicide”.

Wal-Mart came out in the defense though citing that security footage proved such never happened, even further,  the boy in question is in perfect health and his mother is “fine”.


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