Hello, Mommy From Hell

Julie Schmidt pictured in December 2015.

For the first time in 12 years, I’ve decided to pen an op-ed that will shed some light on some of the darkest secrets that Have been published about me on the internet. First and foremost,  I’d like to make the admission that Julie Marie Schmidt, the same woman who held me against my will in 2012 — is indeed my biological mother.

For most of my career, I have shied away from admitting such because I come from a woman that is deeply mentally ill and struggles with her everyday life.  For the past 8 years, my mother has essentially “been out for blood” in a war she has started only in her own mind due to her psychosis that I “owe her something”.  I owe her nothing, while I am grateful for my birth, I owe her nothing.  She cannot and does not understand that, because, she has convinced herself that she is a mother — something she has never been by all accounts including that of the law.

Let’s rewind to April 2001,  by means of the U.S Government and Children Protective Services.   During this time period, my mother Julie Schmidt, was lawfully terminated of her rights as a mother due to willful neglect and her mental inability to perform her tasks as a mother.  Legitimately, she was stripped of all her of rights as a parent rendering her nothing of the sense.  To this day, she denies such ever happened and has concocted a conspiracy theory that the government illegally conspired against her to “take away her rights”.

In many of her blogs she claims to have “a right to her story”. A story that is made up only in her mind, by only her accounts.  She has “no rights” as far as her children are concerned, let alone myself, those were taken from her nearly 15 years ago. I do not regret being adopted, because, seeing whom and what my mother has become as an adult frightens me. I don’t see a woman desperately seeking to be a mother, I,  see a mentally ill woman out for revenge aiming at whomever will listen and “believe” her fabricated stories to feed into her need for a “fix”.

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Dating back to the early Myspace days, I had not known much about her let alone who she was (the same goes even to this day!).  Julie, has a penchant to stalk and annoy people online (this can be validated by t he numerous number of Facebook and social media pages she possesses that belong to her) that she only has because when she’s blocked on one another pops up.  During the time Myspace was hot, Julie found me online and immediately started to send me barrages of messages demanding to meet me in the parking lot of a Target store nearby my home at the time.

I quietly, but, regretfully agreed to meet her not knowing much about her or who she was. But, I knew from the moment I met her that this was a troubled woman who needed help — and I was not the one who was going to dedicate my life to getting her the help she needed. From the moment I met her,  it wasn’t a chance to “get to know your mom” or “rebuild a mom and son relationship” but rather a “Ok, now it’s time to devise a plan to make them pay” (they, being the “government and children protective services”).

First of all, the government did no wrong. The government did as they should have and stripped a disabled individual of their rights to be a parent due to mental incapabilities to perform as a parent.  This is documented; well documented, and written about through hundreds of case files and doctors notes.   Missed pediatrician appointments; no doctors visits, sugar-water/milk,  physical abuse during a supervised CPS visit, there are numerous reasons as to why  Julie’s children were taken away from her — each of them lawfully valid.

Julie has it entrenched in her mentality that the world owes her everything, and that, she has done absolutely no wrong. This is not Julie’s fault, this, is her illness. This is her disability talking, her mental disability, and  for that she cannot be blamed for.  While unfortunate, we all must  live with things that make us different from another — but in cases like this Julie Schmidt should be forced to undergo mentally assisted medical help more than anything.  Her behavior is deplorable; horrifying, and borderline criminal.  She has become a danger to herself; others, and more than anyone — her own flesh-and-blood.

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If this was a message to you, Mom, I’d plead with you to get help.

I didn’t choose to write these editorial(s) to harm anybody, nor belittle anybody, I chose to write these editorials to simply acknowledge the woman that put me on this earth — but acknowledge her in a light that allows the world to see who she really is.  I have pointed out in the past the numerous websites; blogs, e-mails, and so on that she has either sent or lied about sending to harass; slander, and threaten myself and my news outfit because we won’t buy into her weird stories.

It has to stop. We have become victims in a dangerous game.  We will no longer be victims to her scary personality. Julie Schmidt is as human as the rest of us, however, we have the right to live our lives in peace and not be harassed by this woman just as anybody else has the same right.

I intend to publish more. This is what Julie wanted, she,  required (in fact, needed) the narcissistic acknowledgement that she is my mother to continue to thrive and live as a person. Therefore, she got it, however, I intend to acknowledge her for the mother she is: The Mommy From Hell.

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