This just proves Chicago ‘s Mayor Rahm Emanuel is just as corrupt as ever

CHICAGO —  Chicago is preparing for a Justice Department investigation after it was reportedly revealed that officials all the like including Mayor Rahm Emanuel — reportedly knew of; hid, and tried to cover-up police wrongdoing in the death of the black teenager that was shot by Jason Van Dyke in 2014.  McDonald, was shot 16 times.

The reports, perhaps,  resulted in numerous claims that Chicago’s controversial and often corrupt mayor Rahm Emanuel aided the police department in covering up the truth. Even after, they, uh, tried to erase footage from a Burger King that caught the murder on tape.

The problem? Dash cam videos released earlier this month differ greatly from police reports that were released under a lawful order.  The police reports paint a very different account from what was captured on video, which, has sparked a widespread investigation according to the Associated Press who was the first to confirm a Justice Department Investigation.

A group of 200 protesters protested in the city’s business district over the weekend counting to “16” to signify the number of times Mcdonald was shot in cold blood by Van Dyke.  He, has since been charged with first degree murder.

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